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Web  Applications

Bluecups provide highly effective Web Application Development Services that are tailored to meet your needs. It includes developing online accounting software, inventory systems, e-commerce solutions, etc. We can help you to build a fully functional web store to sell your products online. Through the software we create you get the complete control over your online products displays. You are able to add/edit/delete categories, subcategories, products details, images by yourself with very basic computer knowledge. By this you do not need a developer to make your product range up-to-date on the Internet. Technologies that we are using include, but are not limited to: Programming & Application Development Language -Java Servlets, PHP Client-Side Markup / Scripting - XHTML, Javascript, DHTML, CSS, Database Development - Mysql, Oracle.

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Products  We Offer

Accounting Systems

We have integrated business accounting softwares for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. Our top notch products helps you stay on top of who you owe and who owes you. You can speed through everyday tasks like invoicing,bookkeeping and billing and track your expenses and sales year the round.

Inventory Management

We have developed premier inventory softwares for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. Our top notch products helps you understand which inventories you need most for benefit.

Online Examination Portals

Bluecups Exam softwares are specifically designed to make evaluation and conduction of exams massive but simple yet cost effective and faster. Get an automated system that is effective and time saving. Supported on multiple platforms and multiple locations simultaneously.

Online Ticketing Systems

Web Application solutions to provide users with opportunity to book ticket online, to check tickets, seat availability, types of arrangement, cost, billing and report generation in an integrated and intuitive web based interface.

Online Shopping Systems

Get a superior online store with Bluecups online shopping cart softwares. Benefit from an online shopping cart that has every feature you need. Bluecups will make shopping easy and convenient for your customers and provides a management system which puts you in control of your products and sales online.

Frequently Ask Questions

A web application is any application that uses a web browser like Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox as a client to access. The application can be as simple as an online calculator, or as complex as a online banking website.
A web application relieves the owner from the responsibility of installing the application on many systems separately. Since the application runs in a web browser, the user could use it from anywhere.
Bluecups developers aim at developing the applications depending upon your business needs. Need more information, just ask us.

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